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GPS Tracking System

Come to us and enjoy our professional service, installing, GPS Tracking System.


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We Install a GPS Tracking System, to track your car anywhere, with satellite system.

LAS VEGAS--Jan. 5, 2001--Omega Research and Development Inc.
announced today the launch of its new GPS 2000 advanced vehicle customers by phone, email or text pager when their car alarm is triggered.
Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Booth 15069, Gold Pavilion for Mobile Electronics and Wireless Technology, the new
Omega offering also allows customers to send real-time commands to unlock their car door, start or stop the engine, track their vehicle on the
web or phone -- and more.
Omega GPS 2000 combines small hardware unit and a web/wireless notification, control and tracking services platform provided by TelEvoke,
Inc. Installation is available through a network of Omega-approved dealers nationwide. Omega expects to ship its GPS 2000, priced starting at $599, in late January 2001.
"There is a huge, unmet need among car owners for better security. Car alarms today, and even the new low-end wireless security systems, put the burden of action on the car owner. Omega GPS 2000 is the first offering to
proactively notify the customer that their automobile -- their valued asset -- has been stolen," said Ken Flick, CEO of Omega. "With GPS 2000, trouble occurs, that they can take immediate action." "Combining TelEvoke's anytime/anywhere notification, control and tracking platform with Omega's automotive solution provides car owners with an unmatched sense of comfort that their car is safe," said Rick Bentley, founder and CEO of TelEvoke.

How GPS 2000 Works
accessible by a car thief, and the customer determines how he wants to accessible by a car thief, and the customer determines how he wants to be notified if his car is stolen. At the time of purchase, they are provided a user ID and select a passcode allowing them to track the vehicle anytime on the phone or web, change notification parameters, and perform control functions such as unlocking car doors. perform control functions such as unlocking car doors. In the event the car is stolen, the module sends a message with GPS location parameters, over the Aeris.net MicroBurst(R) cellular network, to the TelEvoke Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC will initiate phone, email, or pager messages as previously prescribed by customer, informing them that a system sensor has been triggered, and informing them of the location speed and direction of the vehicle. The customer can then send a command via the phone or web to stop the engine and honk the horns the next time the car comes to a stop at an intersection. The user is informed of the final stationary location of the vehicle, calls the police, and goes to meet the police at the stated address to retrieve their vehicle. Additionally, a customer can find the location of their vehicle at anytime with a simple phone call or web query (for example if their teenager late coming home). A customer can also send commands via phone or web to unlock car doors when key are locked in car, start engine to turn on heat in cold climate or AC in hot climate, or honk horns and turn on lights when trying to find the car in a crowded parking lots. The website at www.gps2000online.com provides vehicle location on a computer-generated map, command icons, and notification set-up functions; while the phone center at 877/GPS-2000 provides location address via an automated attendant, as well as command options via a touchtone keypad. 

GPS 2000 Features and Functions

Set up personal profile to receive notification alerts on phone (up to three numbers), email or text pager when....
-- Car is stolen
-- Car goes over 80mph
-- Attempted key-fob entry 
-- Low battery
Users not only choose how they want to be notified, but they can also personalize their alert the GPS 2000 profile web page. For example if owner has several cars with GPS 2000, they may want the system to tell them the color and make of the vehicle that is sending alert notification. 

Send commands to vehicle from any phone or web browser...
-- Continuous tracking of stolen car
-- Unlock car doors when keys are locked in vehicle
-- Honk horns and lights to find car in parking lot
-- Optional remote engine start to heat or cool vehicle
-- Optional remote engine disable of stopped stolen car

Track vehicle on phone or web...

-- Track stolen vehicle for police notification
-- Find out location of family member
-- Make sure that valet parking keeps car put

About Omega Research and Development, Inc.

Omega Research & Development headquartered in Douglasville, Ga., was founded in 1970 as Auto-Boat Alarm Company to design, manufacture and market vehicle and boat security systems. Omega now produces nine lines
of keyless entry and vehicle security systems. As a leader in auto security systems, Omega has a worldwide patent on Authorized/Unauthorized Transmitter Alert (ATV/UTA), which reveals how many remote transmitters will operate the vehicle. In 1995, Omega became the only company in the keyless entry arena with a technology designed to prevent crime due to unauthorized transmitter access to vehicle systems. The company has also diversified to include automotive loudspeaker, speaker wire and personal security products. For more information please visit Omega at www.caralarm.com.